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Tuya Smart WiFi Smoke Detector

The Smart Smoke Detector improves the security of your home.

When a fire breaks out and the Smart Smoke detector activates, it sends real-time notifications directly to your smartphone,

In this way, you can intervene even when you are not at home.

The wireless WiFi smart smoke sensor ensures an adequate level of fire safety when you are in the house by activating the siren with an intensity of 80dB.

Using the Tuya Smart and SmartLife application based on IoT (internet of things) technology, you are notified on your mobile phone in the event of a fire.

Useful for installation in homes, businesses, hospitals, restaurants and other places that need protection.

The LED lights red twice a minute to signal a battery change and a low battery notification on the phone.

Notification if the battery access cover is open.

Independent smoke sensor, connects to the WiFi router, does not need a hub

Easy to install, this smoke and heat detector simply connects to your Wi-Fi without the need for a hub.

You no longer have to worry about electrical connections.

Simply install the Smart Smoke Detector on the ceiling, download the app and everything is ready to protect your home from fires.

It offers peace of mind with two safety features, detecting both smoke and a rapid rise in temperature.

It can be easily paired with other SmartLife products for additional safety functions, including, for example,

turning on the smart bulbs when smoke is detected to allow a safe exit.

With voice control features supported by Amazon Alexa and Google Home and nothing else besides your existing Wi-Fi network,

creating your connected Smart Home system will be very simple.


Installation is particularly recommended in rooms where people sleep, in living rooms, corridors, bedrooms, wooden buildings and wherever they move

smokers and where appliances and stoves of all kinds are used.

The smart smoke detector is suitable for both ordinary users who want to secure their building economically and effectively,

and for those who want to use the sensor as an important element of a smart home in addition to security.

Technical Parameter
Template Tuya Smart WiFi Smoke Sensor
Wifi IEEE 802.11 b / n / g 2.4G Hz
Static current <15uA
Alarm current <160mA
Detection range 20 meters
Material ABS
Dimensions 8,5X8,5X5 cm
Input voltage DC3V LR03 X 2
Voice control support Amazon / Alexa / Google Assistant
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 50 ° C
Working humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing
Acoustic alarm 80dB